Our Services


In addition to producing custom made clothing Serafino Falvo Tailors brings you a wealth of experience and knowledge in the clothing industry that can be used to assess and build a wardrobe suitable for your specific activities, lifestyle, and schedule. A fine suit and shirt is only the beginning. A custom made wardrobe will last you a lifetime, never go out of fashion, and save you money in the long run.

Serafino Falvo Tailors offers personalized wardrobe consulting service. Your body profile, budget, and colouring are all taken into account when analyzing you wardrobe needs so that a first-class wardrobe strategy can be prepared.

The knowledge that Serafino Falvo Tailors gives to you is the product of years of experience. You will be able to:

  • know your existing wardrobe.
  • know your personal colours.
  • know your body profile.
  • identify your ideal clothing and accessory assortment.
  • identify what climates and seasons you regularly work and reside in, allowing you to select appropriate materials for your body type.
  • know how to coordinate your personal collection of shirts, suits and ties.

Private appointments outside normal hours of operation are available.